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Maternity Nurse / Governess

Peter Pan Agency
Reference Number: TT1542


    Job Details

    Salary : 1200 to 1800

    Industry : Education & Training

    Functional Area : Other

    Preferred Candidate

    Experience : min1-2 Year

    Job Location : Ankara

Job Description

Hours of work:
12 hours is a standard working day, distributed over the period 6:00 (when the infant wakes up) until
21:00, with a number of breaks.
• Between 06:00 and16:00, working time will focus primarily on infant care.
• Between 16:00 and 21:00, working time will focus primarily on providing care and creative activities
for the older children.

Some of the core duties for this role will include:
With the infant:
• Advising on breastfeeding and nutrition
• All basic care-giving tasks: feeding, changing, bathing, comforting, playing
• Providing respite to both parents, including at night
• Helping to establish positive sleep routines
• Assisting in maintaining the cleanliness in the nursery
• Advising on and supporting the integration of the baby into the family
With the older children:
• Planning stimulating activities for the older children, mainly with a creative focus
• Teaching basic social, play, reading & writing skills (in candidate’s language)
• Accompanying children to and from school when required
• Meeting children's basic needs, such as dressing, feeding and bathing
• Preparing nutritious meals, assisting with laundry and ensuring that toys remain clean and tidy
• (If candidate is proficient in English) Assisting with reading and homework


No specific requirement
(all nationalities welcome to apply)
Languages spoken:
Native proficiency in at least one of the following languages: Russian, Italian, French, German and / or
• A sincere interest in early childhood development; a willingness to research and improve skills
and knowledge in this field on an ongoing basis
• First-hand professional experience of infant care, particularly feeding and establishing sleep
• The ability to form appropriately friendly relationships with the older children but to also enforce
appropriate boundaries of behaviour and good manners
• The ability to create fun activities for children of 5 - 11 years of age in creative pursuits such as art
and crafts, music and / or dance (an ability to lead activities in some of these is essential, but not
necessarily all)
• A willingness to perform a range of caregiving and light household tasks, such as tidying and
organising children’s rooms, washing school uniforms, ironing uniforms, preparing children’s meals,
getting the children dressed and ready for school etc.
• A willingness to be flexible; the employment contract will provide a framework in terms of duties and
hours and working days will be no longer than of 12 hours’ duration*; however, a role within a family
requires a willingness to sometimes accommodate changes at short notice
* This is typically only exceeded in exceptional circumstances, such in the course of long-haul journeys.
• A degree or other internationally recognised qualification in child development or pedagogy
• Fluent written and spoken English; the ability to assist the older children with any reading and
homework assignments required by the British international school that they attend
• Paediatric first aid training

Company Description

About Us
Our mission is to connect families and schools with excellent teachers and carers so that every child receives the high quality education and care that they deserve. We strive to engineer a perfect fit for both parties.Our team possess a broad range of experience, having worked in tier-one international schools, UK private and state schools, home-schooling and childcare.Our clients and partners are:
Internationally minded families.Tier-one UK and international schools (English instruction).Teaching and childcare professionals of the highest calibre.We pride ourselves on operating in an open, honest and ethical way, creating sustainable partnerships that improve children's lives.Our core aims are:
To improve the lives of children.To treat all clients as we would wish to be treated.To operate on the basis of 100% honesty.To foster strong relationships that become sustainable partnerships.To add value wherever we go, through innovation, commitment, and above all, integrity.