Do You Have Any Idea Why You Are Still Unemployed?


Whether you lost your job last year, last month, last week or you are just a fresh college graduate; if you’re unemployed, you’re part of a big group of people. Many people may be asking you why you are still unemployed. Perhaps you also ask yourself this same question. Many people tend to place all the blame on job seekers; however, it should be noted that employers are also not perfect. Technology has changed numerous standard practices of the job market thereby making the whole venture a new ball-game for both job seekers as well as employers. Below are some of the reasons to why you are still unemployed.

You Are Jobless

Research shows that many employers, either consciously or unconsciously favor the employed over the unemployed, especially those that have been jobless for more than 6-months. If being jobless is the reason why you are not employed, there are some steps that you can take to overcome this hindrance. They include:

  • Develop and uphold an online professional image. You can accomplish this by creating a LinkedIn profile and actively participating in the LinkedIn Groups. Ensure that your professional image isn’t associated with any unprofessional activity.
  • Network with other professionals in your field.
  • Participate actively in your field by taking training courses, taking on short term assignments, or volunteering.
  • Be extra careful with your public personal especially when communicating with any employer. Avoid grammatical and/or spelling mistakes as much as possible.

You Are Not Eager Enough To Find a Job

Getting a job nowadays requires you to put in your best efforts. Due to the competition in nowadays’ job market, employers are very picky. You may probably be a fresh-out-of-college and whenever you think about the need for you to be working, you are terrified by the thought of having a job, and hence you approach it as a slug. You need to get over your fears and seriously try getting a job.

Use the points noted below to increase your chances of getting a job:

  • Carefully prepare yourself for every job opportunity that comes your way.
  • Be well behaved on LinkedIn.
  • Be more imposing than your competitors.

Perhaps Your Networking Skills Are Very Terrible

When people are jobless, they usually feel embarrassed. This causes them to avoid moving out and meeting people. Some may even avoid their family & friends. This practice is very bad for any successful job hunt. The more reluctant you become at talking to real people, the more you are hindering yourself from real job opportunities. Don’t focus solely on replying general job adverts; instead, call places and ask for jobs, checkout job fairs, and hit up every connection you have for any open position. Talking to real people can help you build connections which can then help you get a job. When talking with people, be comfortable with answering uncomfortable questions; for instance, “why were you fired?”

Your Attitude Is Bad

It’s true, looking for a job is very stressing and being turned down or even never being called can make you feel like the world is continuously dumping on you. This can make an individual very angry and/or depressed. It is this anger and depression which causes you to develop a bad attitude which in turn hinders you from landing a job.

No matter how hard it has been for you to get to an interview, don’t enter your potential employer’s office with your personal issues. Even though employers are searching for bright, confident and happy candidates, they also can’t employ some one that proves to be an arrogant know-it-all.

May Be You Are Somehow Greedy

The truth is that there are certain companies that pay very little; yet the reality is, even as much as $20 per hour isn’t enough for someone to survive in certain areas. As a result, you try getting more by setting your salary requirements higher. To the employer, you look like any other greedy person from the Y-generation. If you are fortunate enough to get a high paying job, congratulations! However, if you are able to get any job, take it because little money is better than nothing at all. Keep making that little money until you find another job which pays higher.


The world isn’t perfect. Don’t take all the blame for being jobless because certainly many employers need to improve their process and how they treat job-seekers. Do your best to ensure that you land on a good job.

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