10 Things Successful Job Seekers Must Do on Social Media

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The fact remains that people do a lot of things in order to find the right job for them. But one thing that they tend to miss out is the social media. This is a relatively new concept and mainly used by people in their personal lives. But it is high time that people started using social media for enhancing their career too. Ten of these social media job search tips have been given here.

1. Have a clean image

Basically people tend to post whatever they want on social media. This can be party pics, old photos, and so on. There can also be some strong political opinion, a debate on any particular topic, use of abusive language and so on. They tend to forget that prospective employers typically check the profile of their prospects on social media before appointing them. So remove any such offensive posts at once.

2. Do not be over-active on social media

You do not need to have an account on all the social media sites. Simply be active on a few popular ones. Having an account everywhere and being active on these sites indicates that you have a lot of free time with you and nothing better to do. This can go against you when you are looking for a job.

3. Be real

You must use your real name on social media sites. Having a nickname or a false name indicates that you are full of pretensions. This may not go very well with your prospective employers. Your friends may know you better by your nickname, but this will not win the approval of people who wish to employ you.

4. Have a professional image

You would be tempted to post your photos of when you are clowning around with your buddies or having a nice time doing binge drinking. But avoid doing this on social media if you wish to land a plum job. Post professional looking images of yours on these sites. Look around to know how people dress up professional to have the right image.

5. Using your social media profile as a platform

Do not leave your social media profile in isolation. Make it work for you. This can be achieved by providing a link on it. Have a lin to your personal blog, an article written by you, some publication of yours and so on. Basically your link must proovide more information about you. This way you provide value to the prospective employers who wish to know more about you. It goes without saying that the link you provide must connect to something good and worthy enough about you.

6. Make it easy for your prospective employers

You would not like that people keep on hunting for you on various social media platforms. Hence you can bring all these profile pages together. This may require to have a landing page. On this you can have a link to all your profile pages on various social media platforms. This will save your prospective employers a lot of time and effort besides boosting your image as being highly organized.

7. Never use your social media account for professional reasons

Never blast a company that has sacked you or rejected you, on social media. Similarly, do not communicate with companies for professional reasons through social media.

8. Have a good and effective profile

You may even take professional help in order to have a good profile on these social media sites. This is fairly important and must be taken seriously.

9. Keep on updating

Just being there on social media sites is not enough. You need to be active on them too. This means that you need to post updates and so on. This may require that you keep a calendar of events and so on.

10. Be careful about who you are linking with or following on these sites

Either you must know them well or they must be a part of the industry you are working in. Avoid following complete strangers.

Make use of these social media job search tips and you will soon find the job that you are looking for. It is time you started using social media sites in a better way in order to get the most out of it.

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  1. Informative post. It is important for the job seekers to be very careful using these social media sites. Job seekers should use these sites in a professional way, they should always update their professional pic on these social sites.

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