10 Best Resources To Look For Jobs In Turkey

Look for jobs in Turkey

Searching for a job is a job in itself! The world is far too competitive nowadays. You have to be more updated from yesterday and more so tomorrow than you are today. Finding a job in India is no different from looking for jobs in Turkey. It’s the same story all over the world. The smart survive, street smarts live the life. Its time you decided which category you belong to. Be on board with the latest job offers at www.turkeytalent.com if you feel you belong to the latter category. Sometimes it’s worth the wait and sometimes the wait is worth the prize.

Here are the top ten resources that would help you score jobs in turkey:

1. Campus placements

Consider yourself lucky if you are still in college and your college gives the option of an on-campus placement. But your task does not end here, let alone start. Make a neat and precise resume and prepare yourself religiously for the interview by thoroughly going through everything you have put in the resume. That one piece of paper and 10 minutes can make or break your life.

2. Internships

If you want a first-hand experience of your area of study then apply for internship in companies. Go there; let your work dazzle them so much that they are left with no other option than hiring you at the end of your term. You can turn your internship into an offer of jobs in turkey and that will serve as a good option from the bunch o choose from if you happen to have more offers. As the saying goes – a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush!

3. Off-campus placements

So what happens if you don’t successfully go through the first two options? There’s the third. Well, this won’t be very easy like the first two but something is better than nothing. Many companies hold placement processes in metro cities. They prefer to do this to avoid going through colleges for talent acquisition.

4. Referrals

If you have a lot of good friends in other companies then you can check with them if their organizations have openings and if they can fix you up with an interview.

5. Walk-ins

Many organizations publish advertisements on popular channels of media like top newspapers, job portals, websites that have a huge traffic of their interested target audience, tv channels etc. So you can easily check these out and reach the location for an interview.

6. Personal networking

Be warned that networking helps in a lot of things career wise. So from right now start making good contacts. You never know who will come in handy later on. Attend social events, talk, and show interest what they are taking about. This helps.

7. Job portals

Many websites are available now a day where you can drop in your resume and wait for a call back or an interview. There is no dearth of jobs in turkey but one should be on the safe side. Many portals like www.turkeytalent.com, do lateral matching of profiles with jobs. This really helps in getting a job where the seeker is satisfied with the work and is also paid well.

8. Hire a professional

So you have brokers who help in finding you a home when you need it in exchange of some fee. Similarly there are professionals out there who would help you find a job in turkey if you are not doing a great performance in getting one for yourself. There’s no shame in it, just pay the guy his fee and you will be done.

9. Tap your client

If you have clients from a big company then you can show exceptionally good performance and a very dynamic front of yours so that they want you in their team and are willing to pay you a better package than the current one.

10. Approach HR

Just search for the HR of the company where you want to get hired, acquire his contact details from the net – it will be available in professional social networks like LinkedIn and send him your resume or have a talk with him about your interest in landing a job there.


Life only gives you a few chances at success. Grab it when they lat otherwise it’s a rough road ahead. If you are up for that kind of work then relax now and log on to www.turkeytalent.com for more information.

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