9 Unconventional Job Seeking Techniques

Job Seeking Techniques

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Are you one of those job seekers whose applications have been declined over and over again? If you are looking for a reason it could be as simple as your online persona to as complicated as how you brand yourself.

Well, here are nine tips that can help you manoeuvre the huddle with ease.

1. Always have your essential documents ready

As a job seeker, you can never tell when you will bump into an unexpected opening or opportunity. Don’t let it slip away simply because you don’t have the necessary documents with you. Keep your resumes and cover letters a hand-stretch or a click away. If you have any publications and portfolios make sure they are accessible to anybody who matters. This involves not only having them physically with you but also publishing them.

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2. Make a stellar first impression

Before your first physical contact with your potential employer, he or she will have searched for you on other platforms; especially online ones. Your online persona in search engines like LinkedIn and Google will give them a picture of who you are. Make sure all your online handles portray a strong, responsible and professional character. Refrain from things like unnecessary criticism of your previous employers or pictures of gross misconduct in the name of fun.

3. Let your pictures do the convincing

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4. It is not an interview, it’s a conversation

Hiring managers are likely to be warm to you when you have a robust and enthusiastic character during an interview. They hate a boring and painful process just as much as you do so make it more of you conversing with them rather than them grilling you. Whereas you should highlight your past achievements, don’t forget that they are more interested in what you can do in the future. So, present your philosophies, capabilities and principles in an interesting and interactive manner.

5. Match the job

Remember that your potential employer is more interested in you as a prefect fit for the job description. This means that you should market yourself as a qualified person with the relevant skills that match the job description. It is pretty easy to do this; just highlight the key requirements of the job (experience and qualifications) and write a resume and cover letter that match the description.

6. Be familiar with relevant technology

Technology matters a lot. In the modern times, every job that requires you to use some form of technology either constantly or occasionally. Such systems as payroll systems, record keeping systems, data entry systems and presentation platforms are very important. Therefore, make sure you include all the technology that you are conversant with in your cover letter and resume.

7. Be short and precise

Do not write a resume or cover letter that will send a reader to boredom even before they get the most important information about you. Make sure that you only highlight what is relevant using very short but precise sentences and phrases. Instead of including support materials (like publications and portfolios), provide them as separate documents and remember to mention them only in passing in your cover letter or resume.

8. Diversify your search

Nowadays jobs openings are found on a variety of platforms. Some are advertised online, others on print media and others on audiovisual platforms. Don’t limit your search to only one platform because this can lead you to losing other viable opportunities. Visit company websites as well as other media broadly.

9. Create connections

Your chances of being employed in a company can be increased a couple of folds if you know one or more people within the company. Whenever you see a job opening being advertised, check your connections (such as LinkedIn) to confirm if you have an in-house person in the company. A good word from the person to the employer can go a long way in creating a path for you; especially if the person has a great reputation in the company.


Job seeking does not have to be a tedious and boring task. Simply follow the 9 tips above and increase your chances at landing your dream job. Remember that there is no rule of thumb in such endeavors and the only thing that makes a difference between you and other applicants is how you package yourself. So, arm yourself with the 9 tips and go get them.

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