9 Career Advice Everyone Needs to Hear

Career Advice Tips Everyone Needs to Hear

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In today’s world, making career choices has become one of the biggest challenges for many people. Often, the goal with all of us is to succeed, but the difference between someone

who rises through the ranks to become one of the most accomplished business moguls in the world and another person who stays in their job position for eternity lies in their efficiency to make career choices. Because we understand the enormity of the challenge, we have therefore selected some of the best career advice tips with a view that upon reading them, you will be motivated to make that much-needed leap in your career life. Join me as we go through the following 9 career advice everyone needs to hear.

Be proactive

As a matter of course, many challenges will arise in your place of work. As it were, blame game is usually the solace for many. Those who hold leadership positions normally blame their subordinates or their predecessors for the unpleasant state of affairs while the junior staff will find it very convenient to blame their leaders. Blame game as we know is a good time-waster for as you try to show the next person how white you are, always remember the problem either escalates or remains unsolved. Why not break away from the norm and be that person who suggests solutions as opposed to being part of the problem!

Be creative

So, a memo has just landed on your desk of an imminent staff-bonding retreat abroad. This is indeed a wonderful time to feel the warmth of foreign air sample foreign cuisine, right? Well, that is how it may appear to the ordinary thinkers. For someone who think outside the box however, visiting a similar organization would be a good lesson in learning more leadership styles as well as different corporate management techniques. Strive to be this person.

Strive to network

The benefits of networking in your career life are as good as those in any other social circle. Strive as much as possible to spend time with people as opposed to your laptop or iPad. If you happen to be the silent type, encourage your chances at socializing by joining corporate initiatives that work in favor of this, such as charity events and staff workshops.

Have a clear vision

We often find it pleasing when we admire others because of their presumably notable achievements, that’s only natural. However, the question you should always settle at an individual level is how you want your own career to develop. While it may be cool to be obsessed about the achievements of others, having them gloat about yours isn’t that bad either. After defining your vision, flexibility is key in getting there. One of the best ways of enhancing your chances at achieving your goals is by leveraging technology at your work place as well as the experience of your colleagues. In addition, you may also locate mentors who live your desired lifestyle and inquire from them how they got there.

Good is the enemy of better

Contentment is the greatest killer of success. While landing your first job may be a dream come true, it is advisable you begin to aim higher almost as soon as you set in. Appreciate what you have but remember you are not the king yet, so keep striving for higher goals and ideals. At times, you may even have to sacrifice your correct position for the betterment of tomorrow. Never forget that if you are too content with your current lot, change will eventually creep in and you may find yourself knocked off that position either by a more worthy person or by technology itself.

Take up self-promotion initiatives

As much as possible, invest in your own personal development in order to increase your career competitiveness. Aside from the expensive training courses we normally undergo, there are other alternatives to achieving the competence standards required. Some of these skills include reading, researching and skills swaps.

Look laterally

Because we want to achieve more, we are often tempted to look up as opposed to laterally. Even as you keep your eye on that managerial position, remember that diversity of experience will give you more vantage points than those with merely more experience. At times, instead of wanting to scale the ladder at your organization, you may strive for a transfer to another organization and though at a similar capacity, the experience you will receive there will not be something to be scoffed at.

Be a globetrotter

The world is increasingly becoming a global village and you may find yourself working for an organization that has agencies spread all over the world. The trick therefore is to travel a lot and get acquainted with foreign culture, languages as well as the demands of various marketplaces, for you never know where you may be hired.

Be a value-adder

Now, because you work at the front office in a hospitality organization, that does not mean you cannot show arriving guests around. Do not limit yourself to the demands of your particular assignment and instead, strive to add value for the betterment of the organization you work for.


As is evident, advancement in career does not only revolve around personal efforts, The world around us plays a much more significant role in helping us get there. The general rule therefore is to have the personal initiative to excel and then apply these tips, and success will surely be inevitable.

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  1. Informative post. These are very informative and will really help the candidates in their career. The most important point of career advice is that every candidate or the job seeker should have clear vision then only they will be able to achieve what exactly they want in their future. Candidates should also be creative and proactive.

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