7 Signs You Should Quit Your Job ASAP

7 Signs You Should Quit Your Job ASAP

Life is too short to go home every day complaining about work, for instance, your hear you buddy saying “I hate my job.” What would you advice your buddy?

Here are seven signs that you should quit your job

1. Terrible boss

Sometimes your superiors may treat you unprofessionally for instance if you have been given a task to do, and you fail, or you do it the way it should not be done or the task not completed at the given time frame, you may find that your boss is disappointed at you but he/she gives you time and even a way forward on how to redo the task. On the other hand, your superiors may treat in a way that you feel frustrated, and you have no purpose in the organization.

2. Payment issues

When getting into a contract for an organization there are agreements made to bide you as an employee and an employer. In that contract involves wages and that are supposed to be paid according to the work done. If the pay is low and the tasks assigned to you are not corresponding to the amount paid to you then it is time to quit the job because you are being overworked.

3. No words of appreciation

In organizations, every employee has ideas and wants to be heard and taken seriously. If the ideas are good to be implemented. The feeling that your ideas have successfully been implemented, and they have taken the organization to a higher level, you should take credit for that. But when the boss doesn’t appreciate or laughs at your ideas, then it is a sign that you should quit as soon as possible since it’s like your input does not matter in the company. At least your boss should motivate you.

4. If you can’t see a future

Hard work should lead to promotion, wage increase maybe or something to be proud of. If you feel that you have been working hard, dedicated and committed to your job and no goodies coming your way, then you should think twice and look for another better job.

Generally you are not supposed to remain in the same level for long, for example if you are a junior employee following orders for very long time, and you have put all your strength in the job and not even a promotion coming your way it is a sign that you should quit.

5. You feel like a number

In an organization, one wants to have a sense of belonging not only to work for a paycheck. To feel respected and admired not just business or work only, your boss should interact with you and not talk about other things apart from work related issues. In that way, you will feel like you are not just an employee working because you feel that you are in the right place of work where people interact and help one another. It makes the place of work environment-friendly.

6. You aren’t even mildly excited to go to work

As an employee, you should be excited when going to work. You should be proud of your work.
For example, you know one is happy and proud of his/her job when reporting to their desk they are saying hi and smiling to everyone in the office.

It comes a time when you feel like that job or place of work is boring, or you are not excited to go work. This is when you know that you are not interested in that job. Sometimes even boredom is a problem that cannot be fixed since you do not even have fun moments in your job.

7. Management issues

It takes a lot good managerial skills to be able to manage an organization. If your superiors are running the organization in a way that shows weakness, unprofessionalism, confusion then that doesn’t bode well with the junior employees. Employees work better in a good conducive environment where things are running smoothly, but not when your superiors are harassing and stressing you and overworking you and no good pay given.

As an employee, you should be careful on how things are being run if not satisfying then consider looking for the job and a better pay in other avenues.

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