11 Most Common Excuses That Prevent You Becoming Great

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Becoming great is something every upright mind desires, except for those who already are. Achieving your goals and seeing to it that you have gotten to the level you have always craved for, can be quite a good feeling.

Knowing that you are on top of your own league gives you some sense of confidence and courage.

But do you become great so easy?

NO! Reaching on top requires a huge sacrifice. It requires great self control and discipline. It requires constant perseverance of the battle against the world and against your own self. You need to remind yourself of your true worth in life and start take successive steps towards where you want to be.

If not, you will only become an easy prey to the 11 most common excuses that prevent you from becoming great:

1. Am Not Good Enough to…

Who is ever good enough to do anything? No one is specifically designed to thrive in some industry, people who have the right mindset and know exactly what they want in life don’t get bothered by their level of know how in that industry. They just get into it! Even the most successful people in various industries never had the complete approval or perfect conditions to be what they are now.

2. You Don’t Have the Connections

Most people think that having some connections to influential people in a particular field is what they need for them to become great. That is indeed a major threat! Never desire to start off in a particular industry with influence from a ‘big fish’. That marks your start of the days of your slavery.

Most influential people (not all) will want most aspiring beginners firmly held under their wing. But not with a good motive. They want to monitor your success so that you don’t go above and beyond their own standards. Do your “thing” alone because there, you don’t have any limitations.

3. There is too Much Competition… I Can’t Handle it

This is the most favorite excuse for many sleeping giants out there. It is only a lazy person who would not to have competition. Having someone you are rubbing shoulders with is quite helpful to realizing your full potential and your greatest capabilities. The more you compete the more productive you will be!

And who doesn’t want to be more productive than he thinks?

You don’t get pure gold if you don’t pass it through furnace. And you don’t get to become great if you don’t go through competition that throws you down. And when you are covered with the dust of humiliation, that’s where you understand how much capable you are. Competition is an incredible source of inspiration any success-minded individual would not want to miss.

4. You Don’t Know Anything About Your Industry

Which newbie ever knew all about a particular industry? No one know everything. Even the most popular people in the world, there are still some things that have not been revealed to them yet, and they are learning new things everyday. Greatness starts with desire. It starts with the will to do something. And you know, where there is will there is a way.

A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. And if you are not ready to take that one step heading towards what you want, you don’t get to learn. And if you don’t get the education and the skills, you keep yourself from becoming who you were meant to be.

5. Many People Tried and Failed Terribly… Who am I to Succeed?

You are not those people. Those people you know that failed in what you want to do, may have had their own issues and principles that hindered them from success. And you would not want to fail even before you start because of someone else’s carelessness. Always make sure when you fail, it is because of your own faults, not others. Make it a habit to learn by experience.

6. What Will People Say?

People are always talking (and they will never stop). Deal with it! If you do something great, people praise you. If you don’t do anything people gossip about your laziness. So make a choice, what do you want them to talk about? From what perspective do you want them to justify your living? Is it from the success part or the foolishness and laziness one?

7. No One is Interested… what’s the Point?

How can you make conclusions of something that has not even come to being? Here is something you probably didn’t know and might help a whole lot in your approach. Nature is created in a such a way that everything that you desire for, there are at LEAST a hundred thousand people in the world with the same desire. So, you are the one who is blocking the other 99,999 people from teaming with you.

8. The Market Situation is Just Not Right!

In these current times, everything is going in some sort of revolution. What does this mean? Today the market may not be stable as you would want it to be but you don’t know what the future holds. You don’t know what tomorrow will be llike, or next month or next year. It’s better to be prepared best on your part and let nature take control of the rest.

9. Where Will I Get all That Starting Capital?

This is where 90% of most people who fall off close greatness lie. Yes, money might be an essential part of greatness but it’s not everything. Money is just a tool you use not the backbone of success. Again, in the current generation we are at, things have been simplified. With a bank account or a social media account you can get funds online in an instant. Don’t use money as an excuse to restrain you from achieving the greatness set before you.

10. Am Just too Young

We are not in 100BC era when young people were not let to achieve success with such innocence, inexperience and “stupidity”. No, this is a generation where any active mind is making it with much support from the government and from individuals as well. We are in a world that understands the meaning of the quality of one amazing idea as opposed to a stream of worthless ones from an “experienced” lot.

11. Am too Old to Start Chasing My Dreams Now

This is among the common excuses the perverted ones give always. As earlier said, no age is too much on the extreme to gain greatness. It doesn’t matter when you start working towards your destiny it is how you approach the path. It is the mindset that you approach life with the matters a lot.

How many times have you heard of old people above 50 years going back to school?

Yet, you go on giving excuses that you can’t make it with 40 years. Many people out there don’t care about your age. What they care about is what you bring on the table at the end of the day.


Don’t look for the many common excuses you can use to prevent yourself from getting where you should be, look for the the many opportunities to get there. When time comes for you to justify the cause of your failure to make a move forward, what you will have is an excuse, not a reason. And excuses won’t do any good.

So, if you want to be great, take the first step. And don’t do it today, do it right NOW! This is where you should start. Yes, you might find challenges but use them as sources of inspiration not discouragement. Use them as motivating factors to help you get out of them. Cheers! Happy Beginning.

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