10 Secrets of the World’s Best Job Hunters

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Finding a good job can be a challenging task for many job hunters. The number of qualified and experienced people seeking employment opportunities is at its all time high. The following are ten secrets used by the top job hunters to land lucrative employment opportunities.

1. They have a can-do attitude

After graduating or moving out of a job, many people feel inadequate to face the job market. This is especially the case for fresh graduates and people who were dismissed from their previous jobs. The low self-esteem can be a big deterrence when it comes to hunting for a job. A can do attitude is what the best job hunters use to secure an interview and survive a grueling interview session to emerge on top.

2. They identify weak-points and eliminating them

Having a can do attitude does not mean you are perfect. Everybody has some weakness, which might be the problem when it comes to securing a nice job. Some of the common weaknesses job hunters have include poor resume, lack of experience, poor verbal communication, nervousness during interview sessions among others. The best job hunters reflect upon themselves in a bid to point out weaknesses that may lock them out of the selection process. If possible, request another person to go through your application to check for errors.

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3. They develop passion for their career

Nothing as frightening as hearing a job hunter saying they are after a job only for the sake of making money. This means that they do not have a purpose in life or career direction. The best job hunters are articulate in the path they wish to take in their careers. They love and understand the job they are hunting. Most employers will easily identify candidates with passion in their careers.

4. They never giving up easily

Even the best hunters in the jungle go for weeks before killing prey. In the job market, patience and resilience are key attributes of job seekers. The job hunting process is certainly not for the quitters. It is unfortunate that some people give up applying for jobs after getting a few regret letters or failing in three interview tests. The best job hunters will push until the secure the job they want.

5. They connect wisely

Upon graduating, students are always told to connect with diverse people in the job industry to increase their chances of being employed. Unfortunately, a good number of job seeker network haphazardly without considering their career paths. The best job hunters are very keen on the type of networks they build. Not any network will help you secure a job. Network wisely with people who are in the industry of your choice.

6. They are prepared for opportunities

They say opportunities benefit the prepared and I agree to that. The best job hunters make sure they are prepared to grab the lucrative job opportunities that come their way. They conduct thorough research on the industry of their choice and prepare well for interviews. They read newspapers, business journals and other materials that would enlighten them on the job market dynamics. They also visit websites of companies and understand what they do. If their job needs to have portfolios, they prepare them in readiness for any opportunity.

7. They have confidence and are humble

The best job hunters are confident but are humble enough to earn the respect of recruiters. It is unfortunate that some job hunters are over-confident and sound arrogant to the recruiters. Today most organizations outsource their recruitment activities. Despite your qualifications, skills, or achievements, you should always be respectful and humble to the recruiter.

8. They follow up on interviews

Recruiters do not encourage job hunters to follow up on their application with numerous calls and personal visits. However, after attending an interview where they felt their performance deserved the job on offer, the best job hunters contact the recruiters politely and ask where they went wrong. This way, they will identify their mistake and show some persistence.

9. They sharpen their skills

Today employers are interested in what you can do better than others can. Your grades and certificates might not count here. The best job hunters will ensure they have excellent skills in their respective careers. They sharpen simple skills such as typing, writing reports, public speaking, programming and so on.

10. They draft good application

This should have been the first secret on the list, but I purposely placed it there so that you don’t forget. Your application is what will secure a job hunter an interview. The best job hunters go to great extent to ensure their application stands out from the bunch of others. Some even hire experts to draft their CVs and application letters. This is the secret job hunters use to go through the short-listing process.


If you try all these secrets over a long period and still fail to secure a job, consider your qualifications. Your qualification may be wanting depending on the type of job you are hunting. They say never hunt what you can’t kill. The same way, don’t apply for a job you are not qualified to do.

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