You Don’t Need Rigorous Preparations for Your interview: Just Follow These 10 Interview Tips


It is always confusing to listen to various tips given by experts and professionals when it comes to interview preparations. You may find a lot of interview tips on websites, blogs, and magazines but you always need to follow your instinct with some base ideas in your mind. The article presents 10 Job Interview Tips that will certainly help you seal a deal.

Total interview preparation can be divided in to three categories. The first part is before interview preparation and the second part at the time of interview preparation and the third part is after interview preparations.

Before Interview Preparation Tips


#1. It may be confusing to follow blogs and websites but do a thorough research

When you are going for an interview, you should have a clear idea about the company. To have a clear idea about the company, you need to follow all the reports regarding the company so that you can answer questions related to what the company is going to do in the next five years. Prepare for a positive outlook.

#2. You can subscribe to alerts from various job portals

You should also subscribe to alert from various job portals. By doing this you can get various job alerts matching your preference and much more! You can also read here 10 career tips to plan for your career before you appear an interview and know why you have failed in the interviews that you have attended. These two pages can help you for your before-the-interview preparations.

#3. You Should Clean Up Your social media pages before you attend the interview

It has now been a trend to track the candidates through their social media profiles. You tend to do all sorts of casual activities in the social media. It can be an easy way you to give red signal by the top companies by tracking you through social media. Before you attend the interview, you should clean up all the social pages.

#4. Fix a perfect schedule for your interview

The best interview time is the early working hour of Tuesday. You shouldn’t schedule your interview timing on Monday or Friday. On Monday, the HR manager gears up for the week’s job and on Friday the HR manager prepares for the weekend. Never plan your interview before lunch time. Everybody would be in a hurry to pounce upon the lunch platter.

Tips for at the Time of Interview


#5. Prepare well for your introductory statement

Introductory statement should reveal your revelation and inclination for the job. You should say about your childhood influence that motivated you to come for the job. You can add your self interest to show your seriousness in the job. Justify that you are a person preparing to be a professional. When you combine all these ideas, they become impressing for the interviewer.

#6. Grooming that reflects your culture and background

Your dressing sense can bring in a lot of difference in your interview. Always stick to your culture and tradition. Your dressing sense should reflect where you are from and how you are brought up. This seems natural and your interviewers love it all the way.

#7. Everybody has weaknesses; explain them how you are working on your weaknesses

Always try to represent your weakness strongly. That should show that you had weaknesses and you are trying to get away with those by putting a lot of efforts. You can tell them about your plans and strategies that you are employing to overcome all of your weaknesses with time.

#8. Represent answers to the analytical questions analytically

You need not be worried about the exact data. In fact, there is no such concept called exact data. When you are asked about some statistics, you can show the rough estimates through your calculations. You can tell them the whole procedure that you took up to calculate the date.

#9. Memorize all the events with three keywords situation, action and outcome

Whenever you are being asked about some events in your life related to something, you should be able to express those properly. To remember all the events you should remind yourself the situation. Then you should recount on how you changed the situation. Finally you should remind yourself what was the impact of your action.

After Interview Preparation


#10. Than your interviewer through an email

You should write a personalized thank you note to your interviewer within one day of your interview. Try to keep the note as formal as possible. Managers look for the thank you note if not that time but for the next time when vacancies arise in the company.


Here are 10 job interview tips that cover before, during and after interview preparations. You can follow the tips properly to implement those in your life. These tips are the words of renowned people around the world.



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